Odlo Polyknit Light Eco Print headband
  • Odlo Polyknit Light Eco Print headband

Odlo Polyknit Light Eco Print headband

black reflective 763060-60264

Odlo Polyknit Light Eco headband is made of the highly technical fabric that gives the product the optimum body warmth keeping and great moisture management properties. Product fabric is stretchy, durable, reflective and retains well its original shape. Odlo Polyknit Light headband has lightweight design and is suitable to use on almost every kind of activity.

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Odlo Polyknit Light headband is unisex product that's perfectly suitable to use for both men and women.


ODLO prides ourselves on using recycled PET bottles and repurposed production waste to create the fabric that's fully made of using the recycled high-tech materials. It's worth looking out for the eco-label. For all of us and for our environment. Our slogan, ’’Be aware of what you wear’’ is designed to make you more aware of the importance of sustainably produced clothing.

Odlo is a member of FWF (Fair Wear Foundation) which works hard every day to improve working conditions in textile factories all around the world. According to FWF standards, members of the FWF can be those manufacturers whose employment is freely chosen, where discrimination is totally excluded, where child labor is not exploited, where healthy and safe working conditions are totally guaranteed, where is fully legal employment relationship between employee and employer, where employees have right to bargain collectively and are always paid human living wage. FWF members products manufacturing is absolutely CLEAN and ETHICAL!


Odlo LIGHT technology ensures excellent wearing comfort and suitability all year round. LIGHT technology products are extremely lightweight, very breathable, with great heat and moisture management properties and doesn’t prevent natural movement of the body.



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