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Vanquish X is a product that takes the swimmer's performance completely to the new level. Zone3 Vanquish that's recognized as the best wetsuit in the world is now better than ever - unprecedented elasticity, wearing comfort, suitability and performance. Zone3 Vanquish X wetsuit is made especially for these triathletes and open water swimmers who want to take the most of their every performance.

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  • Vanquish X is the only wetsuit that's thigh area is made of using innovative Bio-Rubber neoprene material technology. Bio-Rubber neoprene has honeycomb structured construction that optimally increases the blood circulation (metabolism) in leg muscles - faster metabolism means more power and performance. Using of Bio-Rubber technology gives the wetsuit the body-heat reflecting properties.
  • Upper body area of the wetsuit is made of using unique Alpha Titanium neoprene material - five-layer structured material has Titanium Alloy coating and is laminated with synthetic fiber jerseys to give the wetsuit great body-heat keeping properties. This multilayered material is really thin but at the same time it's about 40% warmer than regular neoprene material.
  • Aerodome material is used on the front body panel (from bust to knees) to support the core and leg muscles. This material is designed with integrated air bubbles between the fabric layers to make it much more lighter as well as much more buoyant, producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene material. NBR material is making the wetsuit even more buoyant - sandwiched between two layers of neoprene to give extra support to the swimmer's body throughout the swimming. NBR material is commonly used in making the life jackets.
  • Laser cut neck panel is made of 1,5mm thick neoprene to eliminate the any kind of discomfort feeling against skin.
  • Very well thought out panels positioning is always offering the best freedom of movements, perfect suitability and great wearing comfort.
  • Brand new X-10 Extreme one-piece shoulder panel is made of 1mm thick Yamamoto #40 neoprene that offers the upper body of the swimmer the unprecedented freedom of movements - highly elastic X-10 Extreme shoulder panel is helping the swimmer to save his energy, swim faster and improve his performance.
  • B.R.E. body rotation enhancement positioned on the chest area is to improve the distance per stroke.
  • Sleeves of the wetsuit are made of 3mm thick BRS MARK neoprene that's highly lightweight and stretchy to offer the swimmer the best freedom of hand movements - this neoprene material is so stretchy and thin that you almost don't feel it while wearing the wetsuit. Wetsuit has Cool-Spot panel on the forearm to offer the swimmer an even better water sensitivity.
  • Wetsuit has Silk X textile inside liner that's texture is really elastic, soft and smooth to make the changing of the wetsuit as fast and handy as possible. Extremely soft Silk X textile liner is always ensuring the best wearing comfort.
  • Zone3 Vanquish X Wetsuit comes with a dry bag that's made for both storing and carrying the wetsuit.


  • This wetsuit can be used in water temperatures ranging from a minimum of 12 (C°). International Triathlon Union (ITU) recommends that the maximum water temperature which the wetsuit can be used for racing is 22 (C°) so use of the wetsuit above this temperature is at the user's risk. Please note that wetsuit suitability may vary by 5 to 10 (C°) based on the users weight, activity and the air temperature.
  • Wetsuit is not for use in extreme atmospheric conditions. Cold shock, hypothermia or death in severe cases may occur with or without the use of a wetsuit. Advance wetsuit includes synthetic man-made materials and fibers which may cause allergic reactions in certain persons.
  • Before putting on the wetsuit please be sure that your skin is dry cause only then it's possible to do it as easy and handy as possible.
  • In putting on the wetsuit it's highly important to avoid the pulling strongly from the one point - pulling the wetsuit with fingers be sure that your nails are not going to damage the outer surface of the wetsuit and your grab is firm to avoid the tweaking the soft neoprene material.
  • When the wetsuit is on it's important to make sure that all the closures are correctly fastened and all limbs are sufficiently free to permit safe watersport participation, including the availability to swim. Breathing must not be restricted in any way. Zerod makes the wetsuits for both men and women and it's truly recommended to use our size charts to pick up the perfectly suitable size for your - if you are in doubt about your size then please contact with the reseller.
  • Taking off the wetsuit it's not recommended to do it on rough grounds or the way where you are stepping on the wetsuit.
  • After each use, it's recommended to rinse the swimsuit with fresh water. Please dry your wetsuit inside out. Wash your wetsuit only when it's really needed - only hand wash is allowed.
  • Always dry your wetsuit the way where it's spread out (for example: on a laundry rack), in the dark (avoiding heat sources and direct sunlight) and in the fresh air. In drying the wetsuit it's important to avoid normal hanging (for example: on a hanger, clothesline, etc.).
  • It's truly recommended to storage your wetsuit rolled up and the way where it's protected against excessive light and heat.
  • Wetsuit is made only for swimming and it's not suitable to use in any other water sports or underwater activities.







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