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Odlo Active Warm XC Crew Skiing Socks

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  • Made of lightweight and soft fabric that makes the product perfectly suitable and comfortable for every skiing experience.
  • Using of WARM technology gives the product great heat retaining and moisture management properties - product design is breathable and fast-dying.
  • ZEROSCENT technology keeps the product fresh for a long time.
  • This ergonomic product doesn't have seams on the toe section.

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Odlo Active Warm XC Crew Socks is a product that helps you to increase your performance on any skiing circuit - great opportunity to achieve your goals or even new personal bests. These skiing socks are made of using Odlo WARM technology that gives the product great heat retaining and moisture management properties - lightweight fabric has really breathable and fast-drying texture. Fabric of the Odlo Active Warm socks is including very well-know merino wool to make these socks even warmer and more technical. ZEROSCENT technology helps to stop multiplication of bacteria to prevent unpleasant odors with huge efficiency - keep the socks fresh for a really long time. Active Warm doesn't have any seams on the toe section - forget the blisters and enjoy your every skiing experience. Odlo Active Warm XC Crew Socks is unisex product that's suitable to use for men as well as women - conquer new skiing circuits with highly functional Odlo Active Warm skiing socks.


Odlo products that are made by using Odlo WARM technology are extremely functional and with great heat retaining and management properties. Odlo WARM technology products are managing effectively moisture and keeps your skin optimally dry to keep your body always warm.

Odlo ZEROSCENT is a innovative, sustainable and highly effective odour-control tecnology that effectively increases wearing comfort of the product. There is no way to improve your performance and stay fit without sweating – that’s perfectly healthy and natural. ZeroScent anti-odour technology is organic-based and prevents odorous substances from penetrating the fibres the way that great comfort, suitability and worry-free wearing experience is maximally guaranteed.




51% polüamiid
30% meriino vill
15% polüpropüleen
4% elastaan

Odlo is a member of FWF (Fair Wear Foundation) which works hard every day to improve working conditions in textile factories all around the world. According to FWF standards, members of the FWF can be those manufacturers whose employment is freely chosen, where discrimination is totally excluded, where child labor is not exploited, where healthy and safe working conditions are totally guaranteed, where is fully legal employment relationship between employee and employer, where employees have right to bargain collectively and are always paid human living wage. FWF members products manufacturing is absolutely CLEAN and ETHICAL!