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The Vision wetsuit is a very exciting product in the Zone3 range. Performance and comfort have always been top of the list for Zone3 products and the Vision combines these with fantastic looks and value. If you're on a budget but still want to swim quickly and save energy during the swim then this is the suit for you.

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  • Zone3 Vision wetsuit can be used in water temperatures ranging from a minimum of 12 C°. International Triathlon Union (ITU) recommends that the maximum water temperature which the wetsuit can be used for racing is 22 C° so use of the wetsuit above this temperature is at the user's risk. Please note that wetsuit suitability may vary by 5C° to 10C° based on the users weight, activity and the air temperature.
  • Zone3 Vision wetsuit is not for use in extreme atmospheric conditions. Cold shock, hypothermia or death in severe cases may occur with or without the use of a wetsuit. Vision wetsuit includes synthetic man-made materials and fibers which may cause allergic reactions in certain persons.
  • Zone3 Vision wetsuit is designed for surface swimming only and is not compatible with other watersports or submerged watersports such as diving.
  • When fitting this wetsuit make sure all closures are correctly fastened and all limbs are sufficiently free to permit safe watersport participation, including the ability to swim. Breathing must not be restricted in any way. Zone3 makes wetsuits for both men and women and we recommend using our size charts to decide what is the best size for you - contact with the dealer to ensure that you have correct size for your body shape.
  • Prior to and after every use make a comprehensive inspection of the wetsuit, if you find any failures or damage to materials, seams or closures please contact your local Zone3 dealer for advice. Do not make major repairs yourself as this can void your warranty, there are no spare parts available.
  • Zone3 Vision wetsuit has an unlimited shelf life and a limited 1-year warranty, from the original date of purchase, on all workmanship and materials. Store and transport use a wide hanger out of direct sunlight. Wash or rinse with cold water after every use and use shampoo to prolong the life of the neoprene.
  • When your wetsuit has reached the end of its useful life, please dispose of it responsibly in the normal fashion or recycle it where possible.


  • Full Speed-FloTM coating - to minimize any drag resistance and increase speed. One of the only fully 'coated' suits available at this price point.
  • ProSpeedCuffs - on the arms and the legs for rapid removal after your swim. Our unique silicone coated formula allows the wetsuit to come off extremely quickly, but can you beat our 5 second record!?
  • Shoulder panel - super stretchy one-piece which extends from elbow to elbow - a feature which is normally only reserved for the top end wetsuits! The shoulders and arms are only 2mm thick and use a very flexible lining to allow your full range of movement and minimize any shoulder pain.
  • 5mm buoyancy panels - from the hips to the knees to help increase your core support in the water helping you save energy, especially if doing the bike and run legs after the swim.
  • Neoprene - is designed for not only performance and comfort, but also durability, making this a perfect suit to last a number of years of use.
  • YKK zip - easy to get the suit both on and off.





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