CEP Ski Thermo Compression Socks

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Reduce lower leg cramp, uncomfortable shin bang, and keep your feet nice and warm when you pull on the CEP Ski Thermo Compression Sock before a long day on the hill. Whether you're sliding up a skin track or turning laps on the lift, these socks keep your feet comfortable and provide optimal compression that improves skiing performance so you can ski harder, longer

Target group: Alpine sports

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  • M III (32-38 cm)
  • M IV (39-44 cm)

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  • Odour-reducing antimicrobial design
  • Achilles tendon protector & ankle protector & shin protector
  • Breathable fabric
  • Moisture management for excellent moisture control
  • Perfect-fit foot design with extra-flat toe seam helps prevent blisters thanks to excellent padding
  • Soft band, superior wearing comfort combined with excellent hold
  • Comparably thin knitting for superior skiing comfort


Material: 85% polyamide, 15% spandex

Made in Germany by medi !

Compression benefits in more detail:

Improved circulation

Compression in the calf improves circulation in the legs and especially the musclesthat are critical for athletes. There are a number of factors responsible for this. One is that the continuous compression in the calf leads to a widening of the arteries so that blood flows better into the leg and especially the muscles. Another is that the compression activates the flow of blood in the muscles and increases their performance by improving blood flow to the heart. Altogether this increases the flow of blood in the leg. Congestion is prevented, especially in the foot, which ultimately reduces the weight of the leg. This is particularly import during long runs because less weight means less energy is required.

More energy, greater endurance and enhanced performance

A direct effect of the improved circulation is more energy and oxygen for the active muscle groups because more fresh blood flows to the muscles. Muscles stay fit longer, which helps prevent muscle aches and pains. The toxins and waste products produced by muscles are more quickly removed. This influences overall performance – increasing it by up to 5% according to the results of a study conducted by Prof. Wolfgang Kemmler. The individual results will of course vary from person to person.

Muscle and joint stabilization / increased coordination

Wearing compression socks stimulates the skin's nerve cells. The body unconsciously reacts by changing the basic tension of the muscles. The result is faster and better reaction. This enhances the body's self stabilization, and optimizes spatial perception and the sense of position. Enhanced coordination and increased accuracy are the result

Reduced muscle vibrations

Every step during jogging causes the muscles in the leg to vibrate. All of these vibrations can lead to micro injuries in muscles. For example, a marathon runner makes contact with the ground roughly 20,000 times. Compression socks act like a shock absorber to reduce muscle vibrations and the risk of injury.

Injury prevention

All of the above-mentioned benefits together can help to prevent or reduce many different injuries and ailments, especially those that are muscle related. Many runners report that they have fewer cramps and sore muscles. Other reports say that in some cases Achilles tendon-related problems were reduced. Moreover, the leg is stabilized in a way that provides additional protection against joint injuries. Indirect benefits include a reduced risk of injury thanks to enhanced coordination, especially in trail running.