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    Zerod SwimRun Pull Buoy will optimally improves your buoyancy and compensate the sinking of your feet because of your sneakers. Pull buoy helps you to stay flat on the water surface, enabling you to focus only on your arm strokes. Zerod SwimRun Pull Buoy has special design that features holes and eyelets - you can hang it on your belt or carry it on the...

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    Zerod Team Leash elastic rope and belt allows you to keep the pace with your SwimRun teammate and to take an advantage of best features of both teammates - you will achieve even better result. Zerod Team Leash kit has elastic belts with carabiners to hang your swimming accessories perfectly for express transition.Zerod Team Leash kit includes 2 adjustable...

    35,00 €
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items