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CEP Run Ultralight Socks women
  • CEP Run Ultralight Socks women
  • CEP Run Ultralight Socks women

CEP Run Ultralight Compression Socks women

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  • Fabric of the Run Ultralight Socks is really thin, lightweight and breathable to ensure the best wearing comfort and suitability.
  • Integrated carbon fibers in the fabric are making these socks extremely durable against wearing out.
  • Run Ultralight Socks are made of using MEDI compression technology that increases the blood circulation in the feet for light and strong feet.
Size: W II (25-31 cm)
Color: black/light grey
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CEP Ultralight Compression Socks has extremely lightweight, really breathable and thin design that's able to increase the performance of the leg muscles - perfect opportunity to get 2 steps closer to your goals already at the first time of using. Ultralight Compression Socks are made of using MEDI compression technology that increases the blood circulation in feet to ensure the optimal supply of nutrients to the leg muscles for increased performance. Using MEDI compression technology is great help to activate the muscles just before the physical activity and playing a huge role in recovery of the leg muscles - increased blood circulation is helping to transport  the needed nutrients faster to the leg muscles as well as fastening the removal of lactic waste process. The tight fit design of these compression socks is decreasing the muscle vibration and makes the every movement of the leg maximally secure and precise - tight fit design is giving the product completely stay-put design and eliminates the possibility of blisters. Fabric of the product has integrated carbon fibers to make the product unprecedentedly durable against wearing out - highly technical and breathable fabric gives the compression socks the great heat and moisture managing properties. CEP Ultralight Compression Socks are giving the opportunity to release Your potential maximally.


CEP Ultralight Compression Socks sizes are based on calf circumference!


CEP offers only high quality technological products. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.


81% polyamide
19% spandex

CEP Compression Sportswear is the company from Germany that manufactures the innovative, high quality and technological sportswear products that are made of using the unique compression technology made by CEP. Absolutely every kind of offered product has undergone an extensive product development and testing before the entering to the market. CEP compression products have earned the worldwide positive feedback from professional athletes as well as regular people - that's a huge recognition to the quality of all the CEP compression products. CEP has been the market leader in this product segment thanks to the mire than 70 years of experience of its parent company Medi Gmbh. The owner of the CEP sports brand is Medi Gmbh from Germany who has been manufactured medical compression products more than a half of a century. Whole CEP team is doing its job with great dedication to make sure that the best quality, efficiency and completely unique effect is always ensured to any kind of person.


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