Zone3 V-Flex Ergo Training Fins
  • Zone3 V-Flex Ergo Training Fins
  • Zone3 V-Flex Ergo Training Fins
  • Zone3 V-Flex Ergo Training Fins
  • Zone3 V-Flex Ergo Training Fins

Zone3 V-Flex Training Fins

  • Made of soft and extremely durable silicone to ensure the maximum wearing comfort.
  • Training fins are not causing any friction.
  • Opened heel area - more freedom of movements and better water sensitivity for the feet.
  • Shorter design - perfect to improve the swimming technique in the way where fast leg kicking frequency is also maintained.
Size: 40-43
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Zone3 V-Flex Ergo Training Fins is a product that's made and are perfectly suitable to use especially for swimmers to improve their leg kick technique - fins that are made for swimming training sessions are helping to improve the foot mobility and the efficiency of leg kicking technique. With using these fins the swimmer has the opportunity to maintain the fast (natural) leg kicking frequency to improve the performance of the leg muscles as well as overall swimming technique. V-Flex Ergo Training Fins has special ankle strap that increases the water sensitivity and offers the swimmer even more freedom for moving the leg. These training fins are standing out especially with its hugely comfortable design - V-Flex Ergo Training Fins are 100% made of ultimately soft and durable silicone that fits perfectly with different leg shapes and doesn't cause any kind of discomfort friction on the leg. 2 integrated openings, under the sole area, are letting the water to come out from the fins.


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