Finis Swim Parachute
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Finis Swim Parachute


Finis Swim Parachute increases the swimmer's body resistance in the water. Swim Parachute is a product that's suits perfectly to use on endurance swimming workouts - endurance workout is helping to build muscles, increase the performance and speed. Finis Swim Parachute has design that's compatible with all 4 swimming strokes and doesn't disturb hand and feet strokes as well as turnings.

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This Swim Parachute product's parachute diameter is 30cm - if the less resistance in the water is needed then choose smaller size HERE!


  • While using the Finis Swim Parachute, it's possible to swimmer to increase their endurance and performance while swimming - Swim Parachute is great help to increase the resistance of the swimmers body in the water.
  • Product is able to train the muscles, endurance & speed of the swimmers body - the result is noticeable immediately after using the product.
  • Swim Parachute is a versatile training tool that can be used for all the 4 swimming styles (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle).
  • Adjustable nylon strap has a highly comfortable design and is perfect for all kind of swimmers. General design of the Finis Swim Parachute is extremely durable, handy to use and doesn't disturb any kind of movements that's important to swimmer (leg kicks, hand kicks, turns).

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