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CEP Hiking Light Merino Mid Cut Socks women

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  • Compression profile is making the leg movements much more stable and secure.
  • Using MEDI compression technology and merino wool gives these socks the unprecedented functionality.
  • Anatomically positioned foot zones are making your every step maximally soft and comfortable.
  • Product wraps around the feet like second skin, stays put and doesn't cause any blisters.

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CEP Hiking Light Merino Mid Cut socks are standing out especially with its highly functional and technical design. These compression socks are perfectly suitable to use with warmer, colder weather conditions as well as when the weather is changing when hiking. Product is made of using only high tech materials and very well known merino wool to manufacture the product that's able to offer the greatest wearing comfort for any kind of outside activity. Merino wool is natural material that pays a huge role in technical design of these compression socks - merino wool gives the product great heat and moisture managing properties to keep your feet always fresh and dry. These CEP Mid Cut socks are wrapping around the feet like second skin to eliminate any kind of moving inside your hiking boots - forget the blisters and enjoy your every step. CEP Hiking Light Merino Mid Cut hiking socks are made of using the innovative MEDI compression technology to increase the stability of the feet - every step is going to be maximally stable and safe. Profile of the MEDI compression is activating leg muscles as well as joints and increases the blood circulation speed inside the feet - your feet are staying fresh throughout the hiking. Integrated padded zones are giving your feet the cushioning on these areas where your feet needs it the most inside the hiking boots. Stop the searching compromises & enjoy the unprecedented wearing comfort of the CEP Hiking Light Merino Socks on every upcoming hiking.


CEP offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.


76% polyamide
12% merino wool
12% spandex

CEP Compression Sportswear is the performance brand of MEDI, a high-tech manufacturer from Germany and a world leader in compression technology with a reputation for the highest possible product standards and medical expertise since 1951. Together with acclaimed scientists and athletes from across the globe. CEP translates this expertise into high-performance sportswear.